Posted on Dec 5, 2018


3 Mac apps to get and stay organized

If you are like me and most Mac users, then you own and operate a 12- or 13-inch MacBook. Such a laptop offers an ideal compromise between portability and productivity, but at certain points of the day, my 13-inch MacBook Pro can start to feel a bit cramped as I attempt to juggle too many open windows. The new Stacks feature that MacOS Mojave introduced is helpful in bringing order to the files littering my desktop, but I still find myself fighting the multitasking tide against too many open windows. Here's a trio of Mac apps that can help keep your windows organized and your head above water.

The Magnet app is available in the Mac App Store for 99 cents. With it, you can drag a window to the side or corner of your screen to have it occupy a half, third or quarter of your screen.

2.Hocus Focus
Hocus Focus is not listed in the Mac App Store but is available as a free download from the developer's site. It hides windows that you leave on your desktop so you can stay focused on the single window you are currently using.

Station is also a free download straight from the developer and acts as a central hub for your web apps. It supports Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, Twitter and many others. You pick the apps to include, log into your accounts and then Station rounds them all up in a single window.
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